Generation 2

A/N: Mermaid genetics do not pass down from generation to generation. I did not realise this glitch existed until much later, so, early screencaps of Ahomana, Fetia, and Kaleo, do not look like the version that exists on this page, and they change from one to the other later in the photolog. This will probably continue to happen throughout the generations of this family, until the glitch is fixed.

Ahomana Mahi’ai
Bookworm, Top-Notch Toddler | Fetia’s Twin
Ahomana is Polynesian for “thunder.”
Fetia Mahi’ai
Child of the Ocean, Happy Toddler | Ahomana’s Twin
Fetia is Polynesian for “star.”
Kaleo Mahi’ai
Erratic | Happy Toddler
Kaleo is Hawaiian for “sound” or “voice.”