A/N: They moved to Brindleton Bay. I wanted the kids to have snow and stuff. As well, they couldn’t afford to stay on the lot they were on, with three kids. (That’s right, Makana is pregnant again!) So I downgraded their big 50×50 lot to a 20×20. Real shame you can’t swim in the ocean in other worlds. Like, what’s the ocean there for then.


A/N: Welcome to the Mahi’ai family blog. This was created for my Sims 4 family, the Mahi’ais of course, a lineage of mermaids. I gave them their last name before I knew Nalani’s last name, so there’s no relation intended, but perhaps Makana’s her sister or something.

Instead of trying to write a story for them, I’m just going to post pictures and let the pictures do the talking for me. (I never did master the balance between written and visual mediums so they tend to vie for attention with me. I give up. It’s either one or the friggin other now.)